TheRailMap 1.1! Location, Feature Information, and More!

Hello Everyone!

Over the past few days, there has been Overwhelming support for our Map, and we couldn’t have done it without you. I started this project three years ago as a hobby, and I’m happy to see so many people getting use out of it!

Today, we’re happy to announce version 1.1 of the US Rail Map! This update includes a new website, more controls, layer selection, and so much more!

New Web Interface!
Previously, users would have to access the Rail Map through, which redirected to a google site, which redirected to a Mapbox Preview. This process was confusing, and look that good. Today, were announcing the switch over to, which also allows us to add more features, and control more of your experience!

Location in Browser
Access your current location using the location icon! When tracking location, the map will also move with the user. This creates more possibilities while using The Rail Map, such as viewing upcoming crossings while on a train.

Feature Information
You can now access information about each crossing just by clicking on the element! Mouse-overs also display the Crossing Name. This also works for Bridges.

Switch Layers
Many devices aren’t powerful enough to render Satellite Data + 300,000 Features. That’s why we’ve added a way to switch layers. Now, less powerful devices can use the “Light” mode, which removes satellite imagery, or the “Data” mode, which displays Tracks and Features only. This is also useful for those traveling on trains, with little to no WiFi.

Some Minor Changes:

  • It’s now easier to find locations! Use the search button to find your desired destination, and instantly see all features in the Area!
  • Canadian crossings/bridges are now available.
  • Added view controls (zoom, direction)

Thanks again for all the support! We’ll continue to add your suggestions, and listen to feedback! As always, you can support the project via Patreon, or YouTube. All donations help pay for Mapbox API costs, and website hosting.


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